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Welcome to "Creating Richer Lives", where living a richer life goes beyond the balance in your bank account. In fact, being rich is about what you do with your dollars and how the choices you make with your money not only define your lifestyle now, but impact your legacy for years to come. Whether you’re working towards retirement or seeking ways to make philanthropy your goal, there is a road to get you there. It’s time to redefine what it means to have a richer life. 

Aug 26, 2023

August has not been friendly to the retail sector. Many are wondering if this is a sign the economy is weakening and on the verge of a recession. On this podcast, Karl Eggerss explains what he sees in the retail sector and the health of the overall economy. Jerome Powell also spoke on Friday and Wall Street was trying...

Aug 19, 2023

The stock market has pulled back from recent highs as investors digest higher interest rates, a bankruptcy in a Chinese real estate company, and updates on the health of the consumer. In addition, the stock market is entering into a seasonally weak time of the year.

On this podcast, Karl Eggerss discusses the state of...

Aug 12, 2023

For well over a decade, interest rates were near 0%. That’s not the case anymore. The Federal Reserve raised rates at a rapid rate in 2022 and 2023. This has both positive and negative repercussions. On this podcast, Karl Eggerss explains why and how short-term instruments like money markets are now an option in an...

Aug 5, 2023

Every investor wants the highest returns with the least amount of risk. But, we can't always have that. On this episode, Karl Eggerss discusses a way to build a portfolio that allows for risky investments with the goal of higher returns, while still maintaining the long term plan.

Topics discussed on this podcast: