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Welcome to "Creating Richer Lives", where living a richer life goes beyond the balance in your bank account. In fact, being rich is about what you do with your dollars and how the choices you make with your money not only define your lifestyle now, but impact your legacy for years to come. Whether you’re working towards retirement or seeking ways to make philanthropy your goal, there is a road to get you there. It’s time to redefine what it means to have a richer life. 

Apr 29, 2023

Despite any negative news, the stock market continues to move higher. But, not all stocks are participating. In fact, Karl Eggerss shares some surprising stats as to how many stocks are actually participating in the rally. Plus, Karl eplains how to turn a temporary loss into a permanent one.

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Apr 22, 2023

The debate over whether or not the stock market is efficient has raged on for years. On this episode, Karl Eggerss explains what the Efficient Market Hypothesis is and whether or not it actually exists in today's stock market. Karl gives a real example that proves his case.

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  • Efficient...

Apr 15, 2023

There has a lot of chatter regarding the destruction of the dollar. Other countries have discussed creating their own reserve currency. What's the likelihood of this happening? What would be the impact on your life and your portfolio? Karl Eggerss invites Justin Pawl, CFP CFA back to the podcast to discuss.


Apr 8, 2023

It's Masters Week. The Super Bowl of golf. Being a golfer, Karl Eggerss has learned a lot over the years. And, one of the basic rules in golf to improve one's scores is to avoid the blow up holes. Karl takes this analogy and explains how to apply it when managing an investment portfolio. 

Plus, what are some ways you...

Apr 1, 2023

The first quarter of 2023 is in the books. The financial markets are acting almost the complete opposite of 2022. Interest rates are falling, tech stocks are once again loved, investors are hoping that the Federal Reserve is almost done with their tightening cycle and the economy will have a "soft landing". But, what if...